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440Currently, the MLA has removed the requirement of brackets in its style handbooksBringhurst, Robert (2002)The Elements of Typographic Style (Version 2.5 ed.)However, variations in the number of dots existIn horizontally written text the dots are commonly vertically centered within the text height (between the baseline and the ascent line), as in the standard Japanese Windows fonts; in vertically written text the dots are always centered horizontallyIf the ellipsis is at the end of a sentence (or between two sentences), the final full stop is omitted.[12]On the Dot: The Speck that Changed the WorldThe sign of ellipsis can function as a floor holding device, and signal that more is to come, for instance when people break up longer turns in chat.[17] Dot-dot-dot can be used systematically to enact linguistic politeness, for instance indicating topic change or hesitation.[18] Suspension dots can be turn construction units to signal silence, for example when indicating disagreement, disapproval or confusion.[19] In Windows, it can be inserted with Alt+0133


However, some maintain that the use of brackets is still correct because it clears confusion.[8]Today, extended ellipsis anywhere from two to dozens of periods have become common constructions in Internet chat rooms and text messages.[20] The extent of repetition in itself might serve as an additional contextualization or paralinguistic cue, to "extend the lexical meaning of the words, add character to the sentences, and allow fine-tuning and personalisation of the message"[21]OCLC50848361Democratic RepubliRegeln und Wrterverzeichnis" (PDF) (in German)If you want to be pernament logged-in, check in form remember meLog-InUsername:Password:remember me Forgotten password Register1 + 2 + 3 + ⋯ + 100 = ∑ n = 1 100 n {displaystyle 1+2+3+cdots +100 =sum {n=1}^{100}n} 1 2 3 ⋯ 100 = ∏ n = 1 100 n = 100 ! {displaystyle 1times 2times 3times cdots times 100 =prod {n=1}^{100}n=100!} (see factorial) In Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), the ellipsis is used as an extension marker to indicate the possibility of type extensions in future revisions of a protocol specification


University Libraries University of Colorado at BoulderThe ellipsis is a non-verbal cue that is often used in computer-mediated interactions, in particular in synchronous genres, such as chat2005Depending on the context, this could be anything from an admission of guilt to an expression of being dumbfounded at another person's words or actionsYou are the content you publish Get Started for FREE Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account Need content for your business? Free trial of premium Already have an account: Login Blog & Resources Blog Resources Pricing Products For Personal Use For Marketers For Knowledge Sharing Login Join Free Oops

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